Future Proof
12-Week Career Coaching Certification Program

Are you ready to start a new career as a professional coach? Then it's time to sign up for our 12-Week Coaching


Certification Program.  During these comprehensive sessions, you will acquire both the confidence and the skills you need to start seeing clients. Get your signed certificate the Livingston Center for Professional Coaching so you can get out there and work with your clients sooner.

  • Get proprietary professional training from industry professionals.

  • Discover Dr. Sharon’s proven techniques for acquiring and maintaining coaching clients  

  • Learn how to transform your "personal ecosystem" into a successful coaching practice

  • ​​Observe and participate in mock coaching sessions

  • ​Work directly with Dr. Sharon! One of the best ways to become a highly effective professional coach is to work with a highly effective Master Coach.

  • ​​Be part of a community of successful coaches. Form strong bonds, lifelong friends, and better referral partners.

  • ​​Learn how to perform new client intakes, conduct a skills inventory, perform a personality assessment, construct goal-oriented roadmaps, plus more.

  • ​​Discover the different types of coaching as you decide on your own personal coaching niche

  • ​​Explore how to utilize key concepts such as motivation, personal development, focus, resilience and more

  • ​Learn how to form an instant bond with potential clients by sharing your "connection story" 

  • ​​Examine why coaching is different from therapy -- and how to leverage that difference with your clients