Career Assessment

Yes.  You can pursue dreams and passions.  And yes, you can be successful no matter what your age or background.  All it takes to move forward is an understanding of how to leverage your unique strengths and personality -- then match them to the job or career you've always wanted.   

That's what the BOOK OF YOU is all about: a comprehensive Career Assessment that gives you the insights and motivation you need to get everything you want out of life.  Not sometime in the distant future but now.

   Created by HR expert and best-selling author Dr. Sarah E.     

    Brown, each Book of You starts with our online Personality &

         Career Assessment.  Your results are then compiled into

             more than 100 pages of insights into what makes you 

            tick, as well as your strengths, interest and needs,

               The next step is a Personal Consultation (either by

             phone or in-person) with Sarah Brown.


            Together, you will analyze your assessment results,                        exploring your unique traits as well as how to leverage

            them to attain everything you've always wanted from     

                  your job and career.

Dr. Sarah E. Brown