Career Coaching

Dr. Sharon Livingston

Do you often feel stuck and in a rut?  Do you want to change your life and career but either lack the motivation or knowledge of how to move forward?  

One-on-One Career Coaching is a proven and proprietary process developed by Dr. Sharon Livingston.  As Founder of the Livingston Center for Professional Coaching, she has worked with hundreds of people, helping them attain the career they want and the life they deserve.

Working closely with Dr. Livingston, you’ll be able to overcome all of the fears and impediments common to anyone about to make a career change.  One of the key steps in the process is conducting a comprehensive career inventory that identifies your current experience and expertise as well as those skills you’ll need to acquire in order to succeed – both today and in the future.

Dr. Livingston is there with you every step of the way, providing

guidance and support as you construct a detailed roadmap

that includes weekly tasks and activities that continually

move you towards your newly defined career goals.