Fast Track Immersive Workshop
"7 Steps to a New Career"

The world is racing forward.  The rate of change is unprecedented.  Jobs are becoming more complex and competitive.  And yet opportunities still abound – but only if you know how to take advantage of them.

Fast Track is an immersive, weekend workshop that arms you with a host of practical strategies and techniques for transforming your career.  Over the course of  two-days, you will participate in interactive sessions that enable you to:

  • Conduct a Personal Assessment that determines the viability of changing your career or starting your own business.

  • Evaluate Risks & Opportunities including market trends and the impact of technology on specific jobs and industries

  • Create a Skills Inventory that identifies your current experience and expertise as well as those skills you will need for future success.

  • Build a Career Roadmap that includes tangible objectives, action steps and timelines.      

  • Discover how to develop a Personal Ecosystem for referrals, guidance and support.

  • Maintain a State of Readiness by meeting with recruiters, optimizing your resume, and going out on  interviews

  • Establish an Impact Model that resonates with recruiters, employers and investors.

The future waits for no one. Are you ready to make a change?  Then don’t hesitate.  The time is now.