• Dr. Sharon Livingston

Being a Psychotherapist is fulfilling. But only if you have a steady stream of new clients.

Referrals are great but as we all know, referrals only go so far. At some point, you have to start promoting your services outside your circle. And that’s a challenge, especially if like most people in the helping professions, you don’t have formal training in sales and marketing.

For more than 20 years, I've trained professional coaches and worked with psychotherapists. They become excellent at their skills and derive satisfaction out of watching their clients achieve their goals and grow.

Yet, there is a missing link. Most therapists do not have training in or feel comfortable with “selling” to build their practices. People who help people often believe there’s a disconnect between being there for others and making a living. It’s too self-serving. But, think about it. How can you provide help if those who need your experience and knowhow don’t even know you exist?

A key component of how I work with my clients is to provide them with a detailed program that enables them to acquire and maintain new clients.

And now, I’d like to share that program with you. My marketing team will promote your practice using tools such as social media, email marketing, blogs and podcasts. We can also help you find your unique voice for content development, create ads, help you develop in person seminars and online webinars. And of course, you need an appealing, targeted website. We can advise on what you currently have and If necessary, we will build you a new compelling site designed to showcase your specialties to the right clients for you.

Isn’t it time to make a living while making a difference? To learn more about how we can help you build your practice, contact me today.

(201) 614-4439. DrSharonLivingston@gmail.com